Annie Friday

I actively support the "village" in which I live through continuing education, service, and volunteer opportunities. I am also mom to Vincent (b. 2014) and Peter (b. 2016). With support from my husband, Greg, we live, work, and play in Grand Rapids, MI.

I am passionate about making the world a better place through high-quality early childhood care and education. I believe that in order to this, the focus needs to be on the whole village. Every child has a village made up of family, caregivers, specialists, neighbors who all need to care for themselves to best be able to care for others. I want to help you care for yourself so you can better live your joy and set the tone for caring for the children of your village.


Melding my background of education, communications, yoga, and management, I can provide a variety of services to meet the needs of all the members of your village - young and old. Read more below about the details of my qualifications and experience. Get in touch with me at to brainstorm together about how I can best serve your village. 

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