Let me help you cultivate a self-care practice in order to manage your stress and remain in a state of joy. You will learn practices that can easily be maintained on your own. I work with teachers, administrators, caregivers, and parents who are in the throes with young children. I offer one-on-one or small group sessions through in person meetings, virtual sessions, or on-site presentations. 



I partner with you to help you define your community's culture and ensure practice meets theory. Working with directors and administrators of early childhood facilities, I can help workshop, strategize, and plan in the areas of collaborative communication; online marketing; policy and document revision; on-boarding new staff; coaching, evaluating, and mentoring teachers.


I offer yoga and breath work accessible to all levels and all ages. Learning basic moves or complicated postures can increase focus, awareness, and empathy. My teaching will focus on ways you can incorporate the practice of yoga into your curriculum or daily life. Private, small group, and in-school sessions and workshops can be created to meet your needs.

Providing attainable strategies so you can focus on

living your joy!


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